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Before the Class of 2020 sessions start, I wanted to do a blog post with my favorite pictures from graduation sessiosn with the Class of 2019. Last spring I photographed 45 AMAZING seniors, truly amazing. It was a crazy busy season and I loved every second of it. I got to meet a ton of new people. Each and everyone one of them have a great path ahead of them. I can’t wait to see where everyone ends up! 

Best of Class of 2019

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This sweet girl lived super close to me this year. It was a joy getting to know her. Abigail is so full of life and energy. I am going to miss having her as a neighbor and our late night rants. Abigail was a student-athlete and played field hockey at Roanoke College.

Abigail’s Graduation Session

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It may have not been super sunny with a blue sky, but this girl still rocked her beautiful graduation session. Kenzie is a friend of mine which made this session extra special. Although we haven’t known each other for a while, Kenzie is a friendly face in Roanoke that never fails to make my day a little better!

Cloudy Day Graduation Session

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I love when my clients add personal touches to their sessions. Katie decorated her graduation cap and it was SO cute!!! I love the creativity and the ribbon around the top. I wish I was that artsy! This morning graduation session at Roanoke College was beautiful!! Morning light is becoming one of my favorites!

Creative Graduation Cap

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Logan and the sunshine were showing off for this morning graduation session. This session was literally breathtaking! Logan’s long dresses, gorgeous weather, a morning glow… it all made for an amazing session!! I’ve had a bunch of morning sessions this season and they are all SO worth it. Senior sessions have become a big favorite of mine, next to photographing weddings. I just love meeting so many new people and hearing about everyone’s favorite memories in college and what they plan to do in the future.

A Glowing Morning Graduation Session

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Hannah’s graduation session at Roanoke College was absolutely stunning!!! It was the perfect afternoon with no humidity and the lighting was absolutely perfect. Hannah and I had breakfast once with a mutual friend and it was great to catch up again and get to know her better! Hannah spent one semester in Washington, D.C. and LOVED IT. She plans to move there after graduation!!!

Graduation Session at Roanoke College

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My first group graduation session of the season!!! This was the last of the blooms and we made the most of it! The campus is finally full of green life. There’s been a bunch of April showers but thankfully the sun was in full force this morning. Don’t be fulled though… It was actually so COLD. I had to bring out my winter jacket again!!

A Group Graduation Session

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Another beautiful Roanoke College graduation session!! I am LOVING spring and how long all the gorgeous blooms are lasting. Sadly, they are coming to end and I think these upcoming storms will officially make them all fall to the ground. It had been raining for the three straight days prior to Natalie’s session. I was ECSTATIC to wake up to see sunshine!!!! The morning glow could not have been better.

Roanoke College Graduation Session

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I love exploring new places and I am glad Juliet suggested Daleville, VA. Until this session, I had only ventured out to Daleville once for dinner! We walked along the prettiest trail with a lake. We went to the shoreline to take pictures. Juliet told me she wanted to take some pictures IN the water. AHH! Every photographer’s dream!!! Shoutout to Juliet for not only taking pictures in muddy water but ALSO an itchy prickly field… You are the best Juliet!

Daleville, VA Senior Session

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Dara is the greatest dog mom ever. This is a saying among MANY that know her. She walks Clark EVERYWHERE, takes him to the dog park (sometimes even days in a row), goes hiking with him, and showers him with love (he’s spoiled in the best way possible). A senior session with a dog never fails to be a ton of fun. Clark is the most energetic dog and has the cutest SMILE. When you scroll through this blog post, you will see what I am talking about!!

Senior Session with a Dog